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Our 10 Favorite Food Spots in Sacramento

To change things up a bit, we wanted to share some of our  10 favorite food spots in the Sacramento region. They are in no particular order. This list was compiled by our Financial Analyst, Sophanna Sieng.


1. Baguette – Great place to grab a sandwich and salad. The place is owned by a lady who opened the deli when she was 18 years old.

9380 Elk Grove Florin Rd
Elk Grove, CA 95624
Phone number: (916) 685-4587
Ginger Elizabeth Macaroons

2. Ginger Elizabeth Chocolate – Love their macaroons, especially the Salted Caramel flavor! With these triple digits weather, we recommend trying their macaroon ice cream sandwich.

1801 L St
Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone number: (916) 706-1738
Cookies Burger

3. Cookie’s Drive In – There are a lot of great burger spots, but Cookie’s is the place if you want to try more exotic types of meat. In addition to the typical beef, you will find meats like elk, camel, ostrich, buffalo and kangaroo. Warning: Despite the name, they do not have any cookies there.

5640 H St
Sacramento, CA 95819
Phone number: (916) 457-8353
Savory Fried Chicken

4. Savory Fried Chicken – A taste of Filipino food. The chicken is probably the best fried chicken I have had so far. The chicken is crispy but still super juicy inside. And for those who are watching their waistline they have grilled chicken which is amazing as well. For dessert: Halo Halo.

9174 Franklin Blvd
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Phone number: (916) 395-3905
Ettores Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake

5. Ettore’s – After Rick’s Dessert Diner has failed me time after time, I had to find a new place for my sweet tooth fix. Ettore’s hits the spot! They have a great dessert and coffee selection. My favorite is the Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake. Although I usually just get dessert here, the food is also good.

2376 Fair Oaks Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone number: (916) 482-0708
The Rind Grilled Cheese

6. The Rind – Love their grilled cheese sandwich. I tried a few of them and they were great.

1801 L St
Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone number: (916) 441-7463
Tako Tacos

7. Tako Korean BBQ – Great place for lunch if you’re craving Korean. Just choose a style (tacos, burrito, nachos, rice bowl) and choice of meat.

3030 T St
Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone Number: (916) 346-4933
Bakers Donuts Cronuts

8. Baker’s Donuts – Cronuts! That’s all we need to say.

5880 Florin Rd
Sacramento, CA 95823
Phone number: (916) 392-8466
Sushi Cafe Bento Box

9. Sushi Cafe – The bento boxes here are really good for the price. It doesn’t hurt that it is only a few blocks away from the office either.

221 Alhambra Blvd
Ste 103
Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone number: (916) 451-6888
La Fiesta Taco

10. La Fiesta Taqueria – This is our go-to Mexican spot since it is only a few blocks from our office.

1105 Alhambra Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone Number: (916) 454-5616