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Get Some Turkey?

By November 25, 2013 No Comments

Yes, we know it’s not Halloween anymore. However, Thanksgiving is around the corner, which is why Mike is wearing a bear costume. The things we do for our clients.

Last Friday, we had an idea for a Thanksgiving Facebook post for one of our clients, Get Some Jerky. We thought it would be funny to have a picture of the brand mascot chase after some turkeys. Unfortunately, we don’t have turkeys hanging out by the park across the street, but we do have ducks and geese! We figured it was close enough so we went with it. It was a spontaneous photo shoot so we didn’t have our photographer we normally use but it worked out. Our boss took one for the team and volunteered to wear the costume for the pictures. The only problem was that the bear head was uncomfortable and a little too small so he couldn’t see. ¬†Through the experience, we definitely gained a new found appreciation for the mascot costume wearers of the world.

We knew we would get a lot of awkward stares from the people at the park so the whole office decided to take a break and watch people’s reactions. We made sure to stay far away from the little ones as we didn’t want to disrupt their play time and possibly scar them for life. ¬†But of course, people still stared in confusion, puzzled as to why there was someone dressed up in a bear costume in the middle of the day. Needless to say, we had a good time!

Here’s what we posted on Thanksgiving:


Here are some of the other shots we took:

Get Some Turkey 1
Get Some Turkey 2
Get Some Turkey 3
Get Some Turkey 5
Get Some Turkey 6
Get Some Turkey 7