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Getting Into the Holiday Spirit at B.M.G.

By December 4, 2013 No Comments

‘Tis the season! With Thanksgiving over, we were looking forward to giving the office a little holiday makeover. Alyssa and Lindsay volunteered to do the decoration shopping for the holiday spirit. When we started, all we had was this miserable looking tree hiding in the closet.

Our Lonely Tree

After some shopping, we came up with all this:

The Results

Ally and Lindsay

Armed with a stapler, some push pins, and an office chair for a ladder (Don’t try this at home) we gave the office a sprinkling of Holiday Cheer! We will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Conference Room Door



Lastly, SOMEONE in the office thought it was funny to use the left over decorations and put them around my desk… I think it’s Mike.