Google+ for Business

The outlet lacks the appeal of Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, but we believe by the end of 2014, Google+ will be the outlet for businesses and individuals.

When an individual follows a company on Google+ the company will show up in that person’s SERP when he is searching for something in particular. Example, a person follows a steak house. If the steakhouse shares photos of their food, establishment, and recipes the updates will be viewable to the individual. When the individual searches for a steakhouse in their city or a steak recipe, the chances rise that the restaurant will be on the first page of their SERP. A figure that stands out is 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Your local Google+ page connects you with customers on Search, Maps and Google+, no matter what device they are using.

When businesses join Google+ they are given prime placement on the right side of search results, with photos, user reviews, and of their most recent post in front of the eyes of a person. Because of this, we at Blanket Marketing Group believe Google+ has a minor influence in SEO but will have a major influence in SEO by the end of the year.

Google+ provides another outlet for communication. Businesses can benefit immensely because they will become a reliable go-to source for industry related needs. Yes, the active user rate for Google+ isn’t near that of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but this can be viewed as a benefit. It can be seen as a benefit because this small audience will be more intrigued and engaged with your content because users are not drowned in posts where they may skip over a business’ post like that of the above mentioned social media outlets.

For a business, the more +1s you have the better. It demonstrates your company/brand is popular and a source of products/information. These social annotations will be displayed in your Google Ads as well. Search ads linked to Google+ average 5-10% more clicks.

Another way to promote your Google+ page is through a +Post ad. If you meet the requirements, the biggest one probably being that of 1,000 followers, relevant content, and shared endorsements for pages. With these 3 met, your +Post ad is another channel for your marketing strategy. Again, with having a low active but more engaging user rate your ads may experience quite a bit of success. With this success, your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) may increase and ultimately lead to a better Quality Score.

Google+ is one of Mashable’s top 10 referral sites.
Cadbury: average +1s per post 74.4.
H&M: average number of reshares per post 11

So, circle us:

– Lucas Rose
Research and Web Analyst